Project Bag Tags


Project bag markers are the best when you have a lot on the go…. like seriously, who has just one project at a time?

These adorable cherry wood markers are the perfect way to keep track of all your projects at a glance. Choose from sweater, hat, shawl, mitts, socks or UFO (un-finished project). Also an option to purchase the full set which comes with a mini needle gauge. Designed and created in our home studio.

Markers are laser engraved and cut from solid cherry wood, mini needle gauge engraved and cut from birch plywood. Note: wood is a natural product and may vary from order to order. Edges are naturally dark / burned due to the lasering process.

Wood area of markers measure:
Mitts: 1x1.4"
Hat: .8x1.2"
Shawl: 1x1.2"
Sweater: 1.1x1.2"
Socks: .7x1.4"
U.F.O.: 1x1"

Mini gauge measures: 3.4x1"


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